Vinyl Laminate Flooring

Vinyl laminate flooring, that's what I call this product. It clicks together like laminate flooring and is a floating floor, but is not actually laminate. Even though this isn't laminate, I felt the need to write about it because it installs the same as laminate, its just a different material. 

In this photo below I am installing it in a motor home. The bolts sticking out are for a bolted down chair. You can also see the wood grain texture.


Vinyl laminate flooring,here is the wood grain texture

Also known in general as Luxury Vinyl Tile or  LTV.  As of 2013 its fairly new on the market.  It is made from vinyl. It has different locking systems like laminate flooring. The one I installed had the Uniclic locking system. Uniclic made it easy to install.Vinyl planks have been around longer, but that type needs to be glued to the floor. When you glue any type of vinyl tile to the floor you need to make sure the floor is absolutely smooth, if it isn't after a while the imperfections will transfer through the tile.


A peel and stick method is also on the market. This type has strips along the edges that adjoining planks stick to. 

Vinyl laminate flooring,Uniclic close up of joint

A Protective Urethane Layer is on the top of the vinyl planks that you walk on. Its called the Wear layer. Its made in different thicknesses. It is very thin and the numbers used to measure it are 0.2, 0.3. Some have better wear layers then others. 

Thickness of the vinyl are made in various sizes also. The thickness of the planks can be 4mm, 3.2mm just to name a couple, there are other thicknesses available. This is around 1/8 of an inch, more or less. The plank sizes come 6 X 36 inches. There may be other plank sizes but this seems to be the most popular size.

Warranties can vary from 10 years for residential on up to commercial warranties.

If looking to purchase this vinyl plank flooring, look for things such as  wear layer, warranty, and overall thickness. 

Although the vinyl itself is water proof, you don't want to let liquid sit on the seams long enough to seep underneath the flooring. It is recommended to lay a 6ml vapor barrier first before installing this flooring over concrete.

Vinyl laminate flooring,installing it in a motor home

I'm installing this in a motor home. This is the same method I would use to install laminate flooring.


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