Natural Cork Flooring

Natural cork flooring is not new to the market. It has been around for quite some time. It is a good alternative to the more traditional types of floors on the market today. It adds warmth and natural beauty to your home, and comes in a lot of different textures and colors.

Although this site is mainly about laminate flooring, I feel I should write about cork flooring because it uses the same method for installation. Cork flooring is sold in a floating floor as well as a glue down floor. The floating cork flooring has the same type of click together system as laminate flooring.

These days a lot of folks are tuned in to the environment and are looking for Green Products that do not damage our planet as much as other products do. The cork flooring is made from the bark of Cork Oak trees, which are not cut down. The cork can continuously be harvested from the same trees. Most of the cork is harvested in Portugal and Spain.

Cork flooring along with its natural beauty provides warmth and is soft when walked on. Cork is also a sound barrier. Rolled cork is often required as a base in condos before hardwood flooring is installed for a sound barrier.

Cork flooring holds up to traffic for years and is softer to walk on or for children to play on.

It has a good resistance to moisture and is insulating. It can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens also.

Natural Cork Flooring Cost

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