Laminate Flooring Pictures These are Jobs I Completed, Before And After Photos

Here are various photos of laminate and hardwood flooring jobs I have taken during the installations. You can click on each photo to see a larger version. I will be adding more on a regular basis.

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Different Manufacturers Photo

Additional before and after photos

Additional photos of Vanier 12mm Piano finish (high gloss) laminate flooring.


suncrest before BEFORE--Here is a job before I removed the old carpet. The laminate I'm going to lay here is Suncrest. This laminate is 12.3mm thick
suncrest job in progress IN PROGRESS—Carpet removed,I decided to start on the outside wall and run the flooring up to the sliding glass doors. This laminate has a beveled edge on all four sides. The bevel gives it the appearance of real wood.
suncrest floor installed after AFTER—Floor completed it looks beautiful with a high gloss finish. It took me 2 ½ days on this job. Removed carpet, pad and tack strip. Installed laminate, transitions and all new ¼ round.


Quick step narrow board laminate Description of image Description of image
Here I'm starting the installation of Quick step narrow board. The floor extends down the hallway. This laminate floor has the look of real hardwood floors. It comes in three different sized planks.


Here I am going to install Witex bamboo floating wood flooring. Witex floating wood flooring is going to be installed in this room. This is bamboo engineered flooring.
Getting the first row started to install the bamboo floating floor. Here I'm starting on the straight wall. This makes it easier not having to deal with any obstacles.
I have to modify the transition here at the sliding glass doors This flooring is about 5/8 inch thick which means I have to modify the transition here where it meets the sliding glass door.
Here I have completed the floor. There is more effort involved compared to installing a laminate floating floor. This turned out to be a very beautiful floor. You can see the variation in the color in this flooring. There is more effort involved compared to installing laminate floating floors.


Floor preparation before I can lay the Quick Step laminate flooring BEFORE—Here I am starting the floor preparation, removing the carpet, padding and tack strip. There was also a ceramic entry in the front doorway that I also removed.
I installed Quick step Eligna, Canyon oak, 8mm in the living room all the way down the hall AFTER—I installed Quick step Eligna, Canyon oak, 8mm in the living room all the way down the hall into the b/r. I had to leave almost ½ inch of expansion at both ends for this length.
Quick Step Eligna canyon oak 8mm laminate flooring Here you can see the realistic texture that resembles real hardwood. Each plank is like one solid board, rather then two or three smaller boards. I covered the spaces on each side with 1/4 round.


Here is a photo before I installed the laminate flooring on the stairs. I took this photo of the stairs after I removed the carpet and cut the over hang off. I'm installing laminate flooring on this stair case.
Close up photo after I cut the over hang off the stairs so I can install laminate flooring on the stairs. This is a better view, you can see how the over hang is cut flush to the tread.
Here I'm starting at the bottom when installing the laminate flooring on the stairs I'm starting the installation from the bottom working up. I glue and use nails where they can be hidden.
Here is the finished stair case after I installed the laminate flooring on them This is the finished stair case. It sure made a huge difference compared to the old carpeting.


Here is the landing and hallway before I remove the carpet. Here is the landing and hallway before I removed the carpet. Job location Tampa FL. Product: Kahrs,Kalmar Long board. Color: Ash. This flooring is designed to be installed as a floating floor, glued down,or stapled.
The concrete floor in the hallway after removing the carpet and padding. The planks measure 8 inches wide by 8 feet long. The planks have a locking system like laminate flooring. Here is the hallway after removing the carpet, padding, tack strip and base board.
Starting the installation of the Kahrs floating wood flooring. This installation consists of a landing a hallway and a bed room. I have to start at the step her so my stair nose will fit to the flooring. My client choose to have a white painted riser.
The finished hall way after installing the Kahrs floating floor. The riser had to be glued to the concrete with a good construction adhesive. Here is the completed hall way with the stair nose installed. I also removed the base board, cleaned, painted and reinstalled it.
Here is the landing and the step up to the hall way completed with the Kahrs Kalmar floating floor. This is the completed landing and the step up to the hallway. The landing was constructed with wood which made it easier to attach the riser using nails and glue.


Here is the ceramic tile I needed to remove so I could install the Quick step laminate. Here is the ceramic tile I needed to remove so I could install the Quick step laminate. This can be dangerous. Good gloves and eye protection needs to be used here.
In the process of removing old tired ceramic tile I'm in the process of removing the ceramic tile. I was lucky here the terrazzo floors are slick and allow the tile to be removed easier. The pieces of tile can be as sharp as glass, so if you ever do this be very careful.
Makita Jack Hammer for removing ceramic tile This is the tool I used here for taking up this tile. Makita Jack Hammer. I also used a scraper for getting the thin set of the floor. I used quite a few blades with my scraper.
The finished room with the Quick step laminate flooring Here is the area where I removed the ceramic tile and installed the Quick step laminate flooring. Quite an improvement.

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