Laminate Flooring Consultation
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I  offer laminate flooring consultation for folks that need someone to show them how to install their own laminate flooring. Sometimes its better to have someone show you in person. You need to be in my service area, Tampa Bay area.  About 25 miles from my location, Zephyrhills Florida. There is a map below. Let me know if your a little outside my service area and I will consider it.

You can do a lot of searching on the internet, Youtube, websites, forums etc, and learn how to do the installation. But sometimes being shown in person can make all the difference.

Here's an example: Lets say your thinking of installing laminate flooring in your home yourself. say 1000 square feet. you may be trying to save some money or you just like doing this kind of stuff. You have an idea about how to do it, but your not quite confident enough. The thing is if your spending this much money on laminate , you want it to turn out right.

Typically in the Tampa Bay area installers charge anywhere from 1.00 to 2.00 a square foot for labor to install laminate flooring. The average is probably 1.50 per foot. So if your doing 1000 SQ/FT, that comes to 1500.00 dollars for labor. Thats the labor cost for installing the laminate flooring.

Next you need to install base board or quarter round and transitions, to cover the expansion gap. This can be an additional charge. Typically 1.00 to 2.00 per lineal foot. 

If your room is a 10X10 you would measure each wall which would be 40 lineal feet, minus the doorway of 3 feet. You end up 37 lineal feet. At 1.00 per foot it will be 37.00, this is for quarter round.

I can show you how to cut and install your quarter round.

I offer two options, as a laminate flooring consultant.

Half a day which is a good 4 hours to teach you how to do your flooring. 4 hours, My charge 100.00

All day which would be 8 hours, My charge 200.00

A multiple visit option. First to start the laminate installation and then a second visit for the finish work, such as quarter round, base board, transitions etc.

Laminate flooring Consultation Covered Topics

  1. Where is the best place to start and which direction it should be layed.
  2. Prep work, removing carpet, pad and old tack strip.
  3. Figure out where all the transitions will be.
  4. Deal with any issues the may not be noticeable.
  5. Starting the first rows of laminate and find out how to connect the planks together. Laminates have different locking systems so figuring out which one you have makes the job easier.
  6. Tools that are needed.
  7. Talk about how you will tackle the hallway. 
  8. Addressing the expansion gap.
  9. Show you how to install your base board or quarter round and transitions. 
  10. And any other issues that need to be addressed.

If you feel you can use my service, E mail me or call in the evening.  Phone  813-713-1535  Anthony

You can E mail me on the contact me page

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