My Latest Laminate And Stair Installation Project

My latest laminate and stair installation project consists of 1348 sq/ft of Mohawk laminate flooring that my clients purchased from Lowes. The price they paid for it was about 2.75 sq/ft. Installation date, August 2009.

The laminate was purchased at Lowes home improvement store along with all the transition strips, underlayment, and stair nosing for the stairs.

Photos of This Project in Progress

Lowes Mohawk

I started in the master bedroom along the outside wall, they usually are pretty straight (well sometimes)I was able to move all the furniture to one side and install the laminate and then move all the furniture onto the laminate as you can see in this photo. I put felt pads on the bottom of the furniture as I move it on the laminate flooring.

Lowes Mohawk Georgetown ebony plank dark wood is a beautiful laminate flooring

The product is about 6 inches in width and about 54 inches in length and 8mm thick. The color: Ebony is a dark color and personally I don't prefer the dark colors, but I am impressed with the over all look of this color and product. The flooring is easy to install because of the Uniclic locking system.

Lowes Mohawk flowing the laminate from the bedroom into the hallway

I'm installing the majority of the flooring upstairs in 3 bedrooms an office and a L shaped hallway, it helps a lot to have strong legs when having to go up and down the stairs all day. The only room down stairs is a large living room. I'm also installing the laminate on the 17 stairs. I'm flowing the laminate from the bedroom into the hallway since there are double doors here. Everywhere I'm installing the laminate there is carpet that needs to be removed. Their child has allergies.

Lowes Mohawk sanding uneven sub floor

The plywood sub floor underneath the carpet wasn't one of the framers strong points when they built the house. There are areas where it feels like little ski jumps. I needed to sand these areas to be somewhat flat.

Lowes, Mohawk laminate will be installed on these stairs

Here are the stairs before picture with the carpet still on them. There is a landing at the bottom. We decided to turn the laminate on the landing. My clients elected to have me install white painted risers.

Here are the finished stairs that I installed Mohawk laminate my clients purchased from Lowes.

Here is the after photo of the stairs. It took a couple of days for me to install the Mohawk laminate here. The risers are 1 x 8 painted select pine my clients purchased at Lowes.

Mohawk laminate flooring from Lowes installed on these stairs with a white painted riser

Here in this photo you can see how the white painted riser makes the stairs stand out. I like to make sure to use a good quality semi gloss paint that is easy to clean when scuff marks appear on the risers.

I installed 1/4 round on the existing base board with the cut corners after installing Mohawk laminate from Lowes.

Here is how I finished the floors. I installed the laminate up to the existing base board and installed 1/4 round to cover the expansion gap, then I chalk it in with a good chalk.

Mohawk Georgetown ebony finished laminate floor

This is the finished floor. This Mohawk from Lowes is a good quality flooring I didn't have any problems with it and all the joints were smooth.

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