Laminate Flooring Cost? How Much Will This Cost Me?

How much will my new laminate flooring cost? Most likely this is the main factor when trying to decide on your flooring.

How to figure Laminate Flooring Cost Estimates , Some Examples

There are several factors to consider.

  • From 6mm to 14 mm thick.
  • Name brand or off brand?
  • Whats the difference?
  • Cost of installation?
  • Cost of transitions?
  • Base board or quarter round?
  • Underlayment?
  • Time?
  • Where to purchase?
  • What do you want?

    Laminate Thickness

    Generally speaking the thicker it is means, higher laminate flooring cost. In most cases this is true, but in some cases not. If you take some time to do some research you may be able to get more for your money. Especially today with the economic situation we are having. (Retailers need cash flow)

    I have seen advertisements that offer laminate flooring at really low prices. (.69 cents per ft.) Most often this is the bottom of the barrel stuff. I find it is more difficult to install the lower end products.

    They do make a 6mm laminate. I have installed this a couple of times, and cannot figure out why someone would want such a flimsy and thin flooring when for just a little bit more they could do so much better.

    8mm seems to be the most common size, they can cost from a little more than a dollar up to 4 dollars a foot depending on where you shop.

    Known Brand Or Off Brand ?

    Almost everyone seems to relate laminate flooring with the word Pergo. After all they did start this whole laminate thing.

    Sometimes brand named products will cost you more just because of their name. A brand name doesn't necessarily mean their product is better than the off brand. With hundreds of brands on the market these days you may not know what to buy.

    As an installer myself I try to convey to my readers what may be the best laminate to use. I do know that some floors are just flat better than others. The best thing you could do is research as much as you can so you won't make a costly mistake. I have written my reviews on the laminate review page to try and shed some light on this subject.

    It can be hard to compare all the 8mm thick laminates. There are too many variables to consider. (locking systems, AC ratings, color choices, textures etc)

    Cost of Installation?

    Of course the cost of installing laminate flooring can vary a lot depending on your location as well as the quality of workmanship.

    A lot of retail flooring stores will charge their customer more for the labor then what they pay their installer. They have to do this in order to help cover their overhead.

    An independent installer doesn't have as many expenses so in most cases they can be more competitive than a retail store. Here again you need to do some research to find an installer. This ultimately affects the total laminate flooring cost.

    I have read a lot online about what installers charge for installing laminate and wood flooring. There can be a big difference, I've seen installers advertising 1.00 per sq/ft up to 3.00 per ft or even more for installing laminate flooring.(always remember the cheaper prices are not always the best) I can't stress enough here that references are very important. Installers can be like any other professional with a title. A title is one thing but how good you are is quite another. Example I know doctors that are really good and I know doctors that shouldn't be doctors at all. But they all call themselves doctors.

    When getting a quote from an installer you need to know exactly what your getting for your money.

    Are they charging you to take up the old carpet? How much?

    How much to install 1/4 round or base board? Will they paint it for you if your not able? Removing and painting the base board and reinstalling it. How much?

    Installing laminate or hardwood on stairs? How much?

    Every detail should be covered in advance. No one wants to hear that the price keeps going up after the job has started.

    Of coarse there are times when the unforeseen can pop up after the work is started. But experienced installers can inform you of the possibilities that may crop up and approximately what it may cost to fix. Although there are times when the unexpected will surprise even the most experienced installers.

    My fee for installing laminate flooring is not like the 1.00 a ft guys. Most installers can't make a living at those rates.

    I normally charge between 1.50 to 2.00 per sq/ft depending on whats involved.

    Cost of the Transitions

    Transition strips can vary in price from one brand to another. I have seen them as low as 10.00 for a 7 foot piece and up to 35.00 to 40.00 for others. I would say the average cost for one is 25.00 to 30.00 dollars.

    Of coarse stair nose moldings will be more expensive, they can cost from 45.00 and up depending on the brand. This is for one length which may be 6 feet 6 inches up to 7 or 8 feet, this enables you to get two stairs out of one length for a standard width staircase, usually about three feet wide.

    When figuring the cost for your flooring, you need to know how many you need and which ones.

    There are multiple use transitions on the market that allow you to decide which profile you want from one package. What I mean by this is the transitions come with the ability to add to or cut away some of the profile so you will have the one you need.

    Pergo's transitions allow you to add the edge on the molding that will fit your needs, such as a square edge or a hard surface edge.

    With Quick step's transitions they supply a small tool with each one that is used to cut off the edge you don't need, or you can cut both edges off and have a T-mold. This is good if you only need 3 feet of a square edge and 3 feet of T-mold. Your able to get the two different molds out of one length instead of ordering two separate lengths.

    With other brands you may have to order each profile pre-made, such as square edges or T-molds.

    Base Board or Quarter Round?

    You will need to remove and replace your existing base board or install new base board. You can also remove and replace quarter round or install new quarter round on the existing base board. One or the other needs to be done to cover the expansion gap around the walls.

    The cost for removing and replacing base board can be from 1.50 a linear foot to 2.00 or more depending on the base board and of coarse your location. This is a good time to have it painted either by the installer if he will or yourself. If you don't have any paint a gallon will be around 25.00. Most base board is usually chalked in along the top edge. This will need to be scraped off before reinstalled so it can be rechalked. Nails need to be pulled and cutting along the top of the base before removal.

    Knowing what is involved can show you why there is a cost involved when doing this.

    I am describing what I normally do when I address the base board. Other installers may do it differently or charge more or less.

    New Base Board?

    The cost to install new base board can be about the same as far as labor goes. Cleaning and prepping the base is not required here but it will all need to be cut to fit. This kind of evens out the time it may take to install new base verses using the old.

    The cost of new base board will have to be figured in. A 3 or 4 inch base can vary in price. For instance I installed 3 1/4 base which I purchased at Lowes. The cost for one 12 foot length was about 8 dollars, if I purchased the bundle pak of 10 it was about 52.00 dollars. That's almost half the cost. Not all home improvement stores offer this, so shop around for the best price.

    If you are wanting a wood grain base board or quarter round the cost will shoot up. This will depend on the species and the width.

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