Laminate Installer, Good Or Not?

Lets face it, ask just about any laminate installer if he's good at laying laminate flooring and the most common answer you will get is Oh yeh I've been doing it for 69 years I'm the best, this is my specialty.

Fact is people can say anything. Unfortunately people can believe anything. It can be very unnerving sometimes to find out afterward that you did believe.

I'm not saying that I have some secret formula that will determine if a laminate installer will do your floors right. But maybe as an installer myself I maybe able to help you make a better decision.

Of course asking about references is a good question to ask. Asking about little things can be an indication as to the level of detail he may have, such as do you chalk in the base board/ quarter round? This can have a big effect on the finished floor.

What if my ceramic tile is higher then the laminate floor. Can you remedy this?

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Again I'm not saying this will give you all the reassurance you need to know if he is a good choice, but the feed back you get from him should tell you something.

When I give an estimate my customer may not want to know any details about how I install. On the other hand I've had customers that like to know every detail. I can appreciate this, I like to educate my customers as much as they want to know.

Quick step slate tile

Another subject I feel inclined to mention here is the myth of: Look in his truck if he's not organized he's no good. I've heard people say this and I beg to differ. For instance this photo is a friend of mine, who pulls a trailer. He does excellent work even though his trailer is just dripping with tools every time it is opened. My truck isn't this messy but you get the idea.

I am one of those guys who has to carry everything in case I need something to finish a job, this way I don't have to say, I'm gonna have to run to the supply house to get this or that I'll be back tomorrow. So its hard for me to be totally organized with limited space.

How do Laminate Installers Charge?

Most flooring installers charge by the square foot. As far as how much they charge for Laminate can depend on where you live. Some areas have a higher cost of living. I have seen installers on Craig's List that are only charging 1.00 a square foot, on the other hand I have seen installers charging over 3.00 per foot in other parts of the country. So you might have to do a little research to see what the average rate is in your area. You can do this by just making some calls and asking what they charge per foot.

Most of the flooring installers are also self employed. When they do work for flooring stores they are sub contractors. Although this is not always the case. Some installers are employed by flooring stores and may get paid by the hour. The installers that charge by the square foot should provide a final cost to you before they start the job. These installers will get paid the final quote to you whether they take 3 days or 7 days. The trick for these guys is to be able to work fast and do good work. This is what I have learned over the years as a laminate installer. Its the opposite of working by the hour. When I'm working I don't want time to fly.

Asking about the proper paperwork your state requires. Every state is different in its requirements. You need to ask about insurance also.

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