Latest Project Vanier Laminate 12mm Installation From Build Direct

This was the first time I've worked with this product. I am impressed with the quality. I installed this flooring in Sept of 2009. This job consists of 940 sq/ft, I'm installing it in a mobile home in Zephyrhills Fl.

This laminate is 12mm thick, color: Doussie, with a piano finish (high gloss) and a beveled edge with a 25 year warranty and an AC 3 rating for wear. The plank size is about 5 inches wide by almost 48 inches in length. The locking system is what I call a drop and lock. Its different than other locking systems that require tapping the planks together.

My clients purchased this product on the internet. Even with the cost of shipping this is still an excellent price for a 12mm laminate. Everything arrived in the time indicated.

My clients paid 2.09 per sq/ft with the freight included for the Vainer 12mm laminate.

The underlayment was .50 per ft with the freight.

The transitions were only 10.00 each, the cost of transitions can vary depending on brands.

Some Before and After Photos When I Installed the 12mm Vanier Laminate

Click on these photos to see larger versions

The before photo before I start to install Vanier laminate flooring

This is the BEFORE photo of the living room where I will start my latest project Vanier laminate with the piano finish.

I am removing the base board to paint and reinstall.

I'm laying the Quiet walk underlayment here

After I removed the carpet and padding. I removed the base board and checked the floor thoroughly for staples and high nails. After sweeping I can now lay the underlayment.

Here I'm starting the first row of Vanier laminate flooring

The first row can be time consuming, when the wall is not perfectly straight. In this case I had to scribe some of this row to conform to the curves on the wall.

I have most of the living room installed with the Vanier laminate piano finish flooring

Once I get started I can move a little faster. You can see why they call it piano finish. The finish on this product is pretty tough. My client tested it on the sample, it didn't scratch too easy.

Here I am working down the hallway with the Vanier laminate flooring

After proceeding across the living room I was able to work down the hallway into the bedroom. As I work across the room I can move the furniture back onto the laminate flooring. I like to recommend putting felt on the legs of the furniture.

Replacing door trim around doors after installing Vanier laminate flooring BEFORE

I am also replacing the trims around the doors. In this photo you can see the old plastic trims that were installed when the mobile home was built.

Replacing door trim around doors after installing Vanier laminate flooring After

This is the after photo with the new trim installed. We purchased the trim at Lowes in the contractors bundle, its a lot less expensive than buying the single pieces. After I install the trim I chalk all around the door to fill in the gaps and nail holes.

The BEFORE photo before the Vanier laminate flooring is installed

Before photo of the bedroom before I did anything. 

This is the AFTER photo with the Vanier laminate flooring installed

The after photo with the Vanier laminate flooring installed. Also I removed and painted the base board and reinstalled it.

BEFORE photo of the kitchen before the installation of the Vanier laminate flooring will be installed

The Vanier laminate flooring is also going to be installed in the kitchen. Here is the BEFORE photo.

The AFTER photo with the Vanier laminate flooring installed in the kitchen

What a difference a new floor can make in a home. It feels like a different home with this new floor.

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