How To Repair Laminate Flooring?

How to repair laminate flooring? This depends on what caused the damaged and where its located in the room. I would say the most common cause of damage to laminate flooring is caused by water or some kind of liquid such as pets.

Another cause for repairing laminate flooring is from improper installation. Such as not leaving enough expansion around the perimeter of the room, or laying the laminate flooring through a doorway and not having enough expansion under the door jambs. Here is an example of a bad laminate installation caused by not leaving enough space around the walls, and what needs to be done to fix it.

How to Repair Laminate Flooring From a Water Leak


With the newest types of laminate that click together without using any glue it makes the repair a lot easier then the old laminate that was glued together along all the edges.

If the damaged is along a wall it is going to be easier then damage that may occur in the middle of the room. First you need to determine from which direction the floor will be dismantled. If the floor is damaged in the center, its easier to take the laminate up from the side that has no transitions or doorways if possible. If there are transitionS on both sides start at the side that will be the least trouble.

Here in this photo you can see what water can do to laminate flooring.

Water damaged laminate,how to repair laminate flooring

Repairing the laminate basically means that you have to take the floor apart, remove the damaged pieces and reinstall the floor. In some cases the transition strips may be damaged if they need to be removed. They are usually tapped into tracks and are hard to remove without breaking. You may want to check on the availability of new transitions in case you need them.

Quick step slate tile

In this particular case the problem was from the ice maker water supply line that leaked. It spread under the laminate out into the kitchen. I had to start on the far wall along the cabinets and remove the wet laminate until it was dry.

Quick step slate tile

After I have all the wet laminate separated from the dry laminate I can start to reinstall the floor. Make sure that there is not any water or moisture under the underlayment. More information on How to Repair Wet Laminate Flooring

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