About Me And My Website

My name is Anthony Garrison.

First of all I am not that experienced at building websites. I am a laminate and hardwood flooring installer first and a website builder second.

I have been in the flooring trade since 1978 in various positions.

Ultimately I ended up as a flooring installer since 1985 which I enjoy doing very much.

I have installed carpet for over a dozen years which at this point, I'll leave to the younger guys. I have installed most of the other types of flooring also such as Vinyl, Ceramic tile, Hardwood and VCT tile. I ended up installing Laminate and Hardwood at the present time.

Most flooring installers are self employed. This means you are your own boss. You take care of your own taxes and all the legal aspects of being self employed. There are no retirement plans, 401k's, health insurance or unemployment benefits if work is slow.

So I had to come up with a way to create my own retirement income.

Unfortunately installing flooring for a living takes a toll on the body over the years. And being over 50 years old doesn't help.

The only thing I know a lot about is flooring. So how do I use my knowledge to help with my retirement besides installing flooring? Write a book? I don't think so. I didn't have many choices as far as sharing my knowledge.

I did realize that the Internet was gaining ground and growing for people wanting to find information.

I read on the Internet that people are learning how to make a living or supplemental income on the Internet and doing it from their home. And being able to quit the 9 to 5 grind. This is appealing to a lot of people out there.

Getting Older, What Choices do I Have?

I did have a choice and the internet was the only choice I thought would work. So after starting in 2009 with this site, I have to say it was the right choice. All I have to do is write what I know and it works!

I decided to build this website for a few reasons.

First- I have seen a lot of do it yourself installations over the years that were, well lets just say crazy. I know they have little classes at Home Depot and places like that, but its just not enough to learn how to do your floors.

I feel bad to see folks try to do their own laminate and muff it up. So if I can help people at least do their floors a little better I can feel good about it. I have had some of my readers call me and tell me how much they appreciate the information they have read on my site. It makes me feel good to help folks.

Second- I have worked for retail flooring stores over the years and installed a lot of different brands of laminate flooring. There are good brands and bad brands of laminate flooring, BAD meaning low quality. The problem when working for someone else is that I can't experss my own opinion about the laminate flooring they picked.

Now I work mainly for myself and don't have to worry about letting folks know what I think. So I write reviews on the laminate flooring that I do install, hoping my readers will find some insight that helps them make the right choice.

Also- I do have to earn a living so I figured if I spread the word enough that eventually I might get compensated in one form or another. Its like writing a book and you just keep selling copies.

Building a Website?

Building this website was a whole new experience for me. After working with my hands for twenty plus years. Its a whole new game when you have to put what you know into words.

I do the best I can to help folks with their flooring and make some extra money also.


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