Trafficmaster, Laminate Flooring Review

The Trafficmaster laminate flooring I installed was one of their base grades. Approximately 48 inches X 7 ½ inches and 8mm thick. It carried a 15 year warranty, and was made in the USA. I'm not sure who manufactures this product for Home depot. They sell some Pergo and Dupont brands also.

Home depots Trafficmaster laminate flooring was not to impressive. The floor connected easy, but the side joints were peaked up. The end joints had proud edges (one edge higher then the other at the joint). And the end joints didn't always close completely.

My customers purchased this product mainly for the color, they couldn't find this particular color anywhere else.

The finished floor really showed the individual boards when the light shined through the window.

It did not give me a good sense of accomplishment when I finished this installation.

I would not recommend Trafficmaster to my readers, even if you couldn't live without the color.

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