Table Saw need for riser and tread cuts?

by Veronica
(Memphis, TN)

Using table saw to cut stair riser

Using table saw to cut stair riser

I am a beginner DIY lady. After reading and re-reading EVERYTHING on your site over a two-week period, I finally bought some no name laminate with the drop lock or angle system. I decided to install it myself (1155 sq ft including 16 stairs). Once I figured out that I had to tap the end joints (after 8 excruciating hours and some help), I got the hang of it. I have only finished the downstairs living room/dining room combo (630 sq ft), but my floors look beautiful; though I have one board with a chipped end joint that got by me. I could not have done this without your step by step instructions. I don't know who manufactured my flooring but it is 12.3 mm with no underpad attached, identical in color to Fruitwood Select or Spice, and cost $1.89 sq ft. The underlayment was a self adhesive duo foam for $16/100 ft. I still have the stairs and a 17x 25 room upstairs to complete. Thank you for not only taking pride in what you do, but in be willing to share it with those of us who have to do it ourselves. I have two questions for you; 1) Have you heard of E C Lock, Valinge and; 2) Do I need a table saw for cutting the risers and treads?


First of thank you for your feed back, it makes me feel good that I provide the information that actually helps my readers.

I don't think the average DIY'er knows much about the different locking systems and how it can make such a difference when installing their laminate flooring.

I do know that laminate flooring that shows .3 after the 12 when indicating the thickness usually
means that it was manufactured in China. As far as who makes your laminate, I think a company in Sweden owns it and has it made in China.

Some of the laminate made in China does not have very good quality control. While other companies outside of China that has factories in China make their flooring require the quality meets their standards.

I have always used a table saw when doing stairs. The risers need to be cut exact and its the only tool that works for me.

Using a Skil saw or jig saw would be less accurate.

Table saws can be dangerous to use. The boards can bind up and want to kick back. If you haven't used one before maybe you can find someone to give you some pointers first.

You don't need a fancy table saw, just a basic one will do. They have them at Home Depot or Lowes for around 100.00. Most of them come with a 40 tooth blade, which should stay sharp enough to do a flight of stairs.

Anthony Garrison

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