Swiftlock High Gloss Laminate Review

This is my Swiftlock high gloss laminate review. The color I installed is Spiced Cherry. This particular laminate is only sold at Lowes. The surface is a piano finish (high gloss). The cost for this laminate as of August of 2011 is about 2.69 per square foot as I found online. The cost may vary in different locations.

The plank sizes are 5.43 inches wide by 47.72 long. The thickness is 5/16 of an inch or 8 mm. All four edges are Micro Beveled which helps to replicate real hardwood flooring. It carries a 25 year warranty.

The process for installing this laminate is called a Drop and Lock system. With this locking system the long side needs to be locked together first by tilting the plank up at an angle to engage the side and then push the plank down. The end joint drops down on top of the adjoining plank and locks.

As with all the Swiftlock I have installed, it can be a little difficult when working around door jambs. The locking system does not allow the planks to be tapped together laying flat side by side.

Swiftlock high gloss laminate flooring installed in a bedroom.

What needs to be done when you have to install a plank under a door jamb is to shave off some of the locking system. this enables the planks to be tapped together while laying flat side by side, of course you will need to apply some glue to this joint since the locking system will not hold the planks together now. You can use some type of wood glue for this.

The surface seems pretty tough, although I was able to scratch it with my keys. It wasn't too obvious. I can't find the AC rating for this laminate. A lot of manufactures don't always indicate the AC rating. For a high gloss laminate flooring it is pretty tough.

Besides being a little difficult to install, the only other negative I can see is the cost. At 2.69 per square foot and only being an 8 mm it is kind of high. There are many other laminate floors that are of better quality and lower price than Swiftlock. I highly recommend some products that I have installed that are 12 and 14 mm for less money online.

I will still install this product for my clients even though I'm not crazy about this product. It could be pretty challenging for a do it your selfer.

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