Surface Source Laminate Flooring Review

I had to write this Surface Source laminate flooring review to let my readers know that you usually get what you pay for. Surface Source is the low end laminate flooring sold at Lowes and usually sells for less than 1.00 a square foot. It is made by Kronotex. You may also find it under the name of Project Source. If you just want to get something fast and cheap then this is for you, but if you care about the quality and ease of installing it stay away from Surface Source.

I have installed it a couple of times and was not too happy working with it.

The first time I installed the 6mm .89 cents a square foot and found a lot of damaged planks, I think they must have been pretty careless when handling the boxes. That usually means the core material is weak and easy to damage.

Quick step slate tile
Quick step slate tile

In these two photos are the Before and After shots I took when doing this installation. This is Surface Source 6mm thick product. From a distance the floor looks great but down close you can tell its not right, such as the joints being different heights where they meet. You can't slide a nickel across this floor without being stopped.

In order to connect the planks, the long sides have to be tilted up at a slight angle and then pressed down to lock. Then you can tap the short ends together using a tapping block. This method makes it difficult when installing planks under door jambs.

Quick step slate tile
Quick step slate tile

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