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Mar 02, 2017

by: Anthony

Hi Rob
I have installed a lot of laminate in double wide mobile homes and what I have found is that I end up installing it parallel to the joint. There are various reasons, mainly because it usually looks better going from front to back.
The rooms tend to be longer from front to back which makes rooms feel larger. And hallways tend to run front to back, I like to run laminate the length of hallways when possible.
The joints are not always level, they can be smoothed down sometimes but not as good as you would like. It can be time consuming and expensive to level a floor sometimes.
Installing the laminate across the joint can cause a hump that causes the laminate to move on either side. running the laminate parallel to the joint just causes it to be uneven around the joint instead of going out both sides.
It also depends on your own preference, some folks like it side to side.
Although most often the connecting joints are mostly level.

Hope this helps some. Good luck, Anthony

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