Pergo flooring in a mobile home??

by Louis V.
(New Port Richey, Fl. U.S.)

Q-Hello Anthony, I'm a little confused. My Mom wants Pergo flooring in her double wide mobile home. She lives in Florida. I read on Pergo's site that it's not good installing over damp area. They even say a cottage's crawl space has to be closed off, ventilated and insulated and not damp. A mobile homes flooring (number on meter)is much more damp then on a cement floor. Yet we see many people installing it in their mobile homes. What's your opinion on this matter Anthony? Thank you.
Sincerely, Louis V.

A- Hi Louis

A lot of folks refer to Pergo as laminate flooring. Pergo was the first manufacturer of laminate flooring. There are many brands on the market now.

I was taught that when installing laminate flooring above grade, such as mobile homes or homes that are built off the ground that a vapor barrier is not needed. I have installed laminate in hundreds of mobile homes in Florida and never had an issue.

It might be wise to take a peek under the home just to make sure you don't have any water setting under there first.

Cement slabs can have moisture in them, so I always use a moisture barrier in those situations.

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