Outside 45

by Ej

How do you cut for an outside angle of 45? I did inside 45 by cutting the quarter rounds at 22.5 but can't figure out how to do the outside 45.

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Jul 06, 2022

by: Anthony

I think You are referring to an outside 90 degree angle. Which is the equivalent to a corner of a square. 4 corners to a square, each a 90 degree angle.

When I'm installing quarter round, I always cut some samples first. I cut the samples at 45 degrees (each way) so when You have a 90 degree outside corner You can check it.

Sometimes the corner is not exactly 90 degrees. I would have to cut each side at 46 degrees or 44 degrees to make a good outside corner joint.

Use the samples to determine if it is a 90 degree corner. This goes for inside corners as well.

Hope this helps some.
Anthony Garrison

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