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by Shirley Dobson
(Kingsland, TX)

Q-Hope you don't mind this question. I've tried to find out everywhere.

We had the lock type laminate flooring installed in our kitchen last winter. It was the flooring Home Depot has in stock (seems like Hampton Bay). Anyway...the flooring wasn't installed by a good installer but it is what it is and we can work around that just fine. The problem is cleaning it to have it look they way I want it to.

I get that I have to move the mop in the same direction as the "grain" and it has to be dried after mopping. This is not possible for a 78 year old woman, at least
not this one.

I get that water is the only liquid to hit that plastic and very little of it. I've done it all and in two days it looks like h.... again.

I've tried that highly touted Rejuvenate stuff that just seems to work like oil and gets the floor smeary.

I did wipe a little pledge floor shine on it in a couple spots and those areas stayed cleaner and gleamed for quite some time.

I would appreciate your input on this problem very much.

Thanks, Shirley

A- I have always recommended Windex spray because it evaporates quickly. I think the best way is to spray some on the swiffer or dry mop and then clean the floor. I don't like the idea of spraying it directly onto the laminate flooring.

As far as using a furniture polish I would not do that, it can make your floor really slippery and dangerous. Water takes longer to evaporate and over time with repeated cleanings it could seep into the joints. Anything that is oily I would avoid as it can leave a residue.

One more thing, the surface of your laminate floor when it was installed cannot be changed. If it has a dull finish out of the box you cannot make it shiny.

Hope this helps, Anthony Garrison

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