Need base boards in mobile home?


My parents are getting some laminate installed in their double wide they just bought and I was wondering if they need to have base board and quarter round, or is it ok to have just quarter round to cover gaps near walls?

Also, what do you recommend to attach quarter round to the walls if ok to not have baseboards? Construction adhesive and small nails to hold while adhesive dries?

Thanks for any advise you can give.

Jeff- Tampa

Hi Jeff
Most of the older mobile homes didn't come with any base board. I always installed quarter round to cover the gap. I always used a 2 inch 18 ga nail, with a nail gun. The nails are long enough to hold the quarter round in place. You should not need any type of glue.

You can install base board instead of quarter round if you want to, its just more expensive.

Anthony Garrison

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