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by Mar Viernes
(Stockton,Ca 96206)

Q- Where can I buy a riser to fit my stair. I'm placing a laminated wood on my stairs but my laminated wood width is not enough to be a riser. I did all my six bedrooms, kitchen, living room ,dinning rooms with laminated wood and all three bathroom with marmol tiles. Now I only do the stair. My four lower stairs has a curve on one end, any suggestions. where can I buy wood threads to accomplishe this. Thanks

A- When installing laminate on your stairs, The risers may require two planks to make up the height. The standard width of laminate planks is about 7 1/2 inches.

The stairs that you mention that are curved may not be possible to do with laminate, as the stair nose is not curved. Although I have recently seen a place online that makes transitions the can be curved. The cost is way high.

If you really want laminate on the curved stairs, you would have to make the stairs square.

Your other option would be to purchase solid wood stair treads. They make them with curved ends.

I hope you find a good solution.

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