Lowes Mohawk Laminate Review

This is my Lowes Mohawk laminate review. This particular laminate flooring is 6 inches wide by 54 inches in length by 8mm thick. It comes with a lifetime residential and 5 year commercial warranty. The surface is rated AC 4, it is pretty durable as the highest is a 5.

It has the Uniclic locking system, which makes it a lot easier to install. The style is Georgetown and the color is Ebony Plank. I'm not sure if Lowes sells this product exclusively. It may be available from other sources.

For a do it yourselfer this product would be one of the better choices as far as the ease of connecting the planks together.

Lowes Mohawk laminate flooring, color: ebony

Click on this photo to get a better view. This Mowhawk laminate has a wood grain texture as you can see.

Looking online the cost of this product looks to be about 2.75 per sq foot. This seems a little high for an 8mm thick product. I have seen this same product online for about the same cost at Fastfloors.com

  • The planks were easy to connect together.
  • I didn't notice any damaged product.
  • The joints were all smooth and tight.
  • The core material is strong.
  • Over all I would recommend this product to my readers. My clients were very pleased with the finished floor.

    Before Lowes Mohawk laminate flooring installed on stairs
    Lowes Mohawk laminate flooring installed on stairs

    Lowes Mohawk laminate flooring installed in hallway
    Lowes Mohawk laminate flooring installing in hallway

    I also installed this product on the stair case and it looked beautiful. And the upstairs hallway.

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