laminate flooring installation.

by Mary

Q- We were told you can apply wax (parafin, unscented candle, beeswax) to the groove and the tongue to help waterporoof it and to help it go together easily. Is this a wise idea? Is there a way to waterproof the joints?

A- The wax may not make it totally water proof. I will help though. If liquid sits on a joint too long it can penetrate sooner or later. The wax will buy you some time.

If you want to make the laminate more waterproof, you wold have to glue all the sides if each plank. This is how laminate flooring used to be installed. I still have some of the Pergo glue we used in the past. It looks like Elmers glue.

The only problem with gluing all the joints is, if you have to repair a plank which means replacing it, you could end up with a big mess.

These days I would just use wax and keep an eye on your laminate for liquids.

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