laminate floor in double wide mobile home

by terry
(jacksonville florida)

Q- I would like to know what you recommend
my question is what position would you put the laminate compare with the joint that assemble the double wide ??????
crossing the joint or parallel to the joint ???? does it make a difference ?????

thank you for your answer

A- Most of the time I leave it up to the home owner. I have done a lot of double wides and have installed the laminate parallel to the joint most of the time, where the two sides of the mobile home connect.

I like to install the flooring from front to back.
Its good if you can run the laminate down the length of the hallway also, instead of going side to side.

You may need to check the joint where the two sides of the home joins to make sure the are flush with each other. Sometimes one side may be higher. If that is the case sanding down the high side can help it.

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