laminate and 400 lbs of powerchair

Q- We are in need of new flooring and not sure what to get. No one around here seems to have any experience with a chair-bound person with laminates.
The chair and I together are almost 400 lBS and am worried that turning corners tightly, like going into my bedroom, might cause problems with a floating floor.
Do you think a laminate is going to last long? What thickness would you recommend? I would think 10 or 12mm at least.

Look forward to your thoughts!

Eric Rasmussen
Waterloo, IA

A-I would recommend a Laminate that is at least 12 to 15mm thick. You would need a high AC rating. The AC rating is rated from 1 to 5, 5 being the most durable. The thicker laminate will reduce any movement in the flooring.

Almost any flooring will show ware from a chair such as yours, such as carpet, vinyl or wood flooring. The wood flooring is usually attached to the sub-floor which makes for harder repairs.

I installed some laminate from a merchant on line.
They sell thick and tough laminate at good prices even with shipping. You might try them. Build I don't make anything from them, this is based on my experience as a installer.

Anthony Garrison

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