Kronotex Laminate Flooring Review

Kronotex is owned by Kronogroup Switzerland, headquarters in Lucerne, Switzerland. They have seven manufacturing companies in Europe, and one in Barnwell, SC.

In addition to laminate flooring they manufacture a variety of other products. Their products include a 12mm, 10mm, 7mm, and two 8mm product lines, from 4 to 8 colors per line.

I'm basing my reviews on the actual products I have installed. This review is several years old at this time, (12-2015) There may be additional products from a manufacturer that may be a different quality (better or worse) from the one I have installed. It can be difficult to find real time info on some products. Companies change, merge or just go out of business. Even though some reviews can be out dated there is information in them that may be helpful in other ways.

I have installed their 8mm and 7 mm products. Each time I installed this flooring I had nothing but problems. The boards will not tap together laying flat. The core material was very weak, I had to be careful handling them.

The joints were humped up for no apparent reason. One of the biggest problems I had was the board actually was bowed where it locks on the long side.

The locking system on their product is not an easy one to negotiate for the do it yourself.

I had a tough time working with Kronotex, unless your willing to take on a challenge I would steer clear of this product.

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