Installing Composite Quarter Round on Abutting a Bathroom Tub?

by Pat
(Augusta, Maine, USA)

Bathroom has linoleum that is curling and pulling away from the walls. The linoleum itself is not in bad shape, just the edges where it was never properly attached. This is in a small bathroom.

A carpenter gave me an estimate. Said the linoleum does not need to be replaced and he would install quarter round strip to give it a finished look. However he is not available to do such a small job, so I will have to do it myself.

Couple of questions/problems:

1. I want to use composite quarter round because it comes in white, I don't want to paint it.

2. Location for the quarter round is up against a bathtub. I think composite will be better to use in areas that can get wet.

I have no idea how to attach it. Was told to use nails, or better yet, small screws that I can counter sink and cover holes with caulk.

Also do not have equipment to cut clean angles. Just a saw and little know-how.

Any suggestions?

Hi Pat
When ever I install quarter round in a bathroom I use an adhesive caulk. The key is to not let water get behind or under the quarter round.
I basically glue the quarter round to the tub and to the floor. Make sure the top is sealed good. It is a little messy but the caulk can be cleaned off with a damp rag while it is wet.
Sometimes I have to use something heavy to hold the quarter round in place until it dries.
As far as cutting it, you could use a little miter box. They don't cost too much.

You might have to cut some of the curling vinyl flooring off. Otherwise it will push the quarter round up. Depends on how far away from the wall the vinyl is curling. If your sub floor is wood then you may use some nails at the tub if need be.

Hope this helps, Anthony Garrison

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Jun 26, 2018
Glue NEW
by: Anonymous

What type of glue or caulk do you use to attach quarter round to tub and floor?

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