Installation of Laminate Flooring With Wax

by Mary

Q- We are going to install our laminate floor ourselves. As everyone wants to tell you thier little tricks on how to's, One of the them was just run down the edge of the plank with a parafin or a candle wax to ease the pieces together and that it would also aid in the keeping liquid from penetrating between the planks. Is this advisable?

A- I don't see how it could hurt anything. Some manufacturers make their products with the wax on it. You have a good point there as some laminates don't like to go together too well, this cold make it easier. I never thought of it myself. The next time I have a stubborn laminate I'm going to try your tip.

I had a client that ordered some laminate online because they gave free shipping. I tried to tell him that there is more to ordering laminate than free shipping.

When I started installing it all the end joints would squeak when I walked on them. So I asked him for a candle and I had to rub the candle across every end joint as I installed the flooring.

Thank you for your comments.

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