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by tom
(new jersey)

Q- i live in new jersey. our home is on a lagoon, with a crawl space. i do have a plastic vapor barrier in the crawl space.
what should we use to put down between the floor and the laminate. we want the floor to be quite and still help keeping the floor warm and prevent moisture. thanks tom

this is the best site i have ever seen explaining everything!!!

A-If you have moisture issues under your house, its good to have the plastic barrier under there. You should use another vapor under the laminate flooring. Use at least a 6ml vapor barrier. They say to overlap the vapor barrier 10 inches where ever it meets. You can overlap it at the seams, but in your case just to be safe you can tape the joints with duct tape also.

I like the padding that is more like felt. I used this a lot and feel it give more support and may help a little for warmth. It usually has a vapor barrier built in but its not very thick. So use both the barrier and the felt padding. You can find this pad at a lot of different places. I see it on Lumber Liquidators web site. you can check out who has the best prices.

Anthony Garrison

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