Home Depot Laminate Products

Home Depot laminate products are mostly private labeled (you will not find a lot of their laminate products at other retailers with the same name). Here is a list of some of the laminate floors they carry. Home Depot has to make a profit like any other business so their pricing is going to reflect that compared to shopping online.

Being as big as they are, they may not have a lot of control over the quality of their installations. I have seen where they hire other companies to handle their installations. These other companies basically make their profit by hiring installers as cheap as they can. From what I have seen the quality installers are not always willing to work at a cut rate pay. I'm basing this on my own experience.

Pergo Laminate Flooring

  • Presto
  • This is your basic 8mm thick laminate flooring. The cost as of the first quarter of 2011 is 2.59 per square foot.

  • Prestige
  • This laminate is 10mm thick and is priced at 3.49 per square foot. 2011
  • Prestige Exotics
  • Pergo XP

    Home Depot laminate products include a newer version or Pergo. Pergo XP (extreme performance) laminate is sold exclusively at Home Depot. The Pergo XP is all 10 mm thick and has an attached padding. The total thickness with the padding is 12mm. It carries a lifetime residential and 5-year limited light commercial warranty. It has around 30 different color choices.

    It is sold in two different widths 7 5/8 and 4 7/8. The lengths are both the same 47 5/8

    The price ranges from 2.79 up to 3.55 per square foot.

    They offer a pallet price, which makes the cost lower per square foot.

    Home Legend Laminate Flooring

    Home Depot laminate products include a brand called Home Legend. Home Legend laminates come in three thicknesses 7mm, 8mm and 10mm. The cost on these products vary when some may be on sale.

    Home Legends 7MM Laminate Flooring

    The 7mm laminates range from .68 to .99 cents per square foot as of the first quarter of 2011. All the 7mm laminate have a square edge (with no bevel) and comes with no pad attached to the back. I found four colors in the 7mm.

  • Brazilian Cherry, .99
  • Tacoma Oak, .87
  • Honey Oak, .68
  • Vermont Maple, .99
  • Although they are priced low, keep in mind that they may not hold up over time. This type of laminate may be good in the short term such as sprucing up a room to sell your property or for rental units. Or it may work in rooms that don't get a lot of use.

    Another consideration is the cheaper laminates are prone to chip easier and installing them can be more difficult. Knowing what locking system they use can make a difference in installation. A good example is a product called Quick Step. A 7mm Quick Step laminate uses the Uniclic locking system which is very installer friendly. If your going to install the laminate yourself keep this in mind. It could save you a lot of aggravation and time.

    Home Legends 8MM laminate Flooring

    Home Depot laminate products also include Home Legend in a 8mm thickness. This is your basic square edge flush fit laminate. The planks measure 7 9/16 inch by 50 5/8 inch. It carries a 55 year warranty for residential use, that seems to be pretty high for a 1.98 product. I found only one that is a different size than the others at 5 9/16 inch by 47 3/4 in length. The 8mm does not come with attached padding on the back. The cost for the 8mm is 1.98 per square foot as of the first quarter of 2011.

    This is a list of the colors I found.

  • 2 Strip Palace Oak Light, 1.98
  • 3 Strip Cotttage Chestnut, 1.98
  • 2 Strip Hickory, 1.98
  • 2 Strip Oak Vital, 1.98
  • 2 Strip Palace Oak Dark, 1.98
  • 2 Strip Harmony Walnut, 1.98
  • 2 Strip Authentic Walnut, 1.98
  • This last color has different size planks than the ones above.

  • Hand Scraped Walnut Plateau, 1.98
  • Home Legends 10MM laminate Flooring

    Home Depot carries quite a few of the 10mm Home Legend Laminates. What I have found is there are two different sizes in the 10mm. The price can vary from one to the other also. From 2.24 up to 3.27 per square foot, as of the first quarter of 2011. The edges are beveled on all four sides. All these 10mm products have an attached 2mm padding on the back. It carries a 50 year residential warranty.

    The first size in 10mm is 5 inch by 47 3/4 with 9 colors.

  • Pacific Cherry, 2.98
  • Santos Mahogany, 2.98
  • Monerrey Walnut, 2.63
  • Santa Fe Oak, 2.24
  • Jatoba, 2.98
  • Natural Mahogany, 2.70
  • Pecan Natural, 2.98
  • Brazilian Hickory, 2.98
  • Sanoma Cherry, 2.98
  • The second size in the 10mm is 5 1/2 inch by 47 7/8 with 4 colors.

  • Distressed Maple Honey, 3.27
  • Hand Scraped Oak Burnt Caramel, 3.27
  • Hawaiian Koa Cherry, 3.27
  • Hawaiian Koa Caramel, 3.27

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