Home Depot Pergo Presto Laminate Review

This is my Home Depot Pergo Presto laminate review based on me installing it in a home. Pergo presto is exclusive to Home Depot.

It carries a 25 year warranty, it is 8mm thick and had to be installed over a pad.

The color is beech in a block pattern which is a lighter color with smaller blocks.

My client paid 2.48 per sq/foot at home depot. The padding was .60 per sq/foot. The cost is a little high, at over 3 dollars a sq/foot with the padding.

Pergo Presto from Home Depot box label

The Pergo Presto I installed was easy to work with as far as connecting the planks together. I was able to tap the joints together laying flat on the floor.

The finish didn't seem to be very durable.

Pergo Presto with a proud edge, which is one side of the end joint is higher than the other

The side joints were flat and smooth, but I noticed the end joints would have a proud edge (on side higher than the other. Sometimes it would be bad enough to where I would have to take the plank out and replace it with another. I would find somewhere else to use the bad plank after cutting off the end.

Pergo Presto from Home Depot, Here I am using a tapping block to fix the proud edge of the end joint.

Other times I would use my tapping block to flatten the joint. I put the tapping block along the raised up side of the joint as close to the edge as possible. Then I tap the top of the tapping block with a hammer to even the two sides out. Most of the time this would work, if not I would replace the board.

Pergo Presto laminate, living room before photo for installing the laminate.

This is the before photo of the living room before I started installing the laminate. Your eyes are probably doing a double take as this floor looks like a wood floor. It is actually vinyl flooring. You can't see it in this photo but it is pretty scuffed up.

Pergo Presto laminate, living room after photo for installing the laminate.

Here is the finished living room after I installed the laminate. This Pergo Presto laminate flooring will last a lot longer then the vinyl flooring that is being covered.

My Overall Rating

Overall the floor looked good, but for the money I think there are better deals out there. The quality wasn't what I would expect from Pergo considering the cost.

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