Glueing 3/4" quarter round against base board

by George D.
(Ft Myers, Fl)

Q- This which is a common approach for DIY projects is not well explained. Nail guns, nailing and counter sinking and patching holes is not a straight forward way to attach quarter round moulding.

Once the base molding is attached using glue. Glue your 3/4" quarter round in place. Explain this for the DIY folks. Please, George D.

A- Hi George, Gluing quarter round to base board is possible. I had to do it a few times when nails could not be used. I didn't use an actual glue such as construction adhesive, because it can be really messy and you need mineral spirits to clean it up.

What I use is adhesive chalk. Its white and can be cleaned with a wet rag, water. The problem with gluing up quarter round is it has to be kept tight against the wall and floor until the glue dries. I had to use something heavy enough to keep it pushed tight to the wall. And make sure it is down on the floor. I did this in a lot of places in the room because the walls are not always straight and the quarter round is not straight either.

This was very time consuming to do but if you prefer to do it it can be done.

Using a nail gun when possible allows you to hold it tight and nail it. This way it stays where its nailed.

Anthony Garrison

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Dec 31, 2019
finishing at a doorway or end of baseboard NEW
by: Anonymous

I know there's a trick to cap quarter round when it stops at a doorway. Can you explain this process? Thank you!

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