Formica Laminate Flooring, Review for the Seanna Tile Laminate

Formica has been around for some time. Formica produces a lot of different products, laminate flooring is just one of them.

This review is for Formica- Sienna tile look laminate flooring.

Size of planks: 12.84 inches by 51.26 inches. 8mm thick.

Locking system: FormiLockā„¢ Glueless.

Warranty: 25 years

This Formica laminate flooring really gave me a heck of a time. The installation was in small areas in a mobile home. The eat-in-kitchen a small dining room and hallway. The size of the rooms weren't the main reason for the difficult time I had. But installing in these small areas just made it more difficult.

My biggest complaint with this product is this particular locking system. At times I would have to take one or two rows apart to get the floor installed under the front of the dish washer or under a door jamb.

When installing larger planks like these you need to be careful about making mistakes. You can end up wasting a lot.

I would recommend using the individual tiles if you want laminate tile flooring. Quick Step has a laminate tile that measures 16 X 16 inches and is much easier to install.

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