Do You Nail To The Baseboard Or To The Floor?

by Nathan
(Atlanta, GA)

Hi, great article!

(Q) I need to replace the quarter round after I pulled up the carpet. Does the quarter round nail to the baseboard, or to the floor? Thanks!

Hi Nathan

(A) It should be nailed to the wall. This pulls the quarter round to the wall. I always apply downward pressure as I'm nailing at each nail.
Nailing to the floor may cause the top of the quarter round to pull away from the wall over time.
Also if you are installing laminate flooring, you do not want a nail through the laminate. It can hinder the contraction and expansion of the laminate flooring.
When I hold the nail gun, I nail not in the center
of the quarter round but just a little lower than half way down. At an angle that will hit the wall.

Hope it helps some, Anthony

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