DIY old guy

by Len
(Champaign, Illinois)

Q- I want to install laminate on my first floor--the layout I prefer would require a 32foot run. Is that possible without an expansion joint? This would be over concrete slab in East Central Illinois. Thanks, your website is so informative.

A- It can depend on the product your installing. In the past all the edges were glued together. This created one big sheet of flooring which had no way to move.

Also the laminate in the past didn't come in many thicker sizes as they do today.

From my experience the thicker laminates today along with the click together method doesn't seem to expand as much as the old style.

As long as you leave a good expansion 3/4 to 1 inch gap at the ends it should be OK. You can either put up base board and quarter round at the ends that will allow enough gap, or cut the sheet rock at the bottom of the wall and just install base board so if the laminate expands it will have some room underneath.

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