Q- Im am putting down st. james laminate 12 mm floor in my dining room and kitchen. I was wondering what should I do when i get to the out side door? Should I try to put the floor under the wood strip on the bottom of the door? I guess it's call step plate. So far the job is going great !!!!! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bob

A- When installing laminate up to an entry door, the best way to end the laminate is with a transition.

I can't see exactly what your describing, but chances are it may not be possible to go under the wood your describing.

Installing transition for laminate at entry doorYou may need to use a square edge transition that will butt up against the wood plate.


You will have to leave a space across the doorway for the transition. But at the sides you will have to allow the laminate flooring to go under the door jambs. I hope this helps, let me know if you need more information.

Anthony Garrison

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