Bad Pergo XP Installation

by No Name

After water damage in my home, I picked Pergo XP Laminate for the floors. The installers did a terrible job, because they could not master the locking system. They left proud edges as well as floors that bounced up and down as you walked on them. A year later after hiring an attorney they will put down new flooring, however not the Pergo XP. If you use this product make sure the installers know what they are doing. Good Luck

Hi Mr No Name, My name is Anthony
In this situation I think there is an issue with the product as well as the installers. Where I live the installers are hired by an outside company. The installers do not work for Home Depot directly.
This outside company makes their profit from the labor charged to the consumer. So they don't pay as much to their installers compared to what other installers in the area make.
The end result is the better installers are not going to work for a lot less then what they can make elsewhere. They may still have some good installers though.

Lowes hires their installers like Home Depot. Recently I heard (first quarter 2015 they are stating to hire contractors directly. Maybe this could be a new trend for the Big Box stores.

When I worked with the Pergo XP it took me a little extra time to install the floor. The drop down locking system seemed a little iffy at times, like when the end drops down and just doesn't seem to want to lock. There were some proud edges but they were minimal. It's one of those floors that can be a pain to install but after its done, its a good floor.

Mr No Name can you let us know how your new floor works out?


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