bad laminate stair install

Q-What do you do if you have gaps along the edges and you describe without ripping the whole thing out? I am thinking that there would have to be too much grout or putty. Is there any type of an adhesive edging that could be run along each edge?

A-The only thing I can see that would hide the gaps, would be to use a quarter round or some kind of a trim piece to cover them.

I don't think it looks very good to use the trim on stairs, but it would be better than trying to fill the gaps with putty.

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Oct 03, 2016
Bad install NEW
by: Laura

I am a woman who lives alone and have started fixing everything myself because I am so tired of being cheated by people doing shoddy work. Thank you for the tutorials. The guy who installed my stairs left gaps everywhere that he tried to quickly putty in. He is my neighbor and works at Home Depot, so I trusted him.After paying him, he apparently thought he would then get some "fringe benefits" since my husband is out of the country. Way to add insult to injury. So, now I either have to add quarter round or rip them out again?! This sucks.

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