Bad Decision

I laid the Allen & Roth 10mm light maple laminate in my Kitchen in early December. The assembly was fairly easy. I let the planks set idle in the room for 5 days prior to install and put down a 6 mil vapor barrier prior to install. Now there are several planks chipping on the ends and sides, really bad on the corners. there is a 3/8"gap on all 4 sides to accommodate expanse and shrinkage.
I was going to continue into the living room but have since returned the product.I laid the floor then installed cabinets over the flooring w/ Quartz counter tops. It will be a real pain to get the flooring out without tearing up the cabinets and ruining the very expensive counter tops.
A very expensive bad decision.

Feed Back- I keep hearing good and bad reports about Allen Roth laminate flooring. I got a call recently about the end joints would not stay together. Luckily he just started the install and was able to take it back to Lowes.
It sounds like hit or miss at Lowes. But then again, it can be like that anywhere.
They do make a saw for cutting under the toe kick which will cut the laminate flooring flush around your cabinets. This saw has a small spinning blade.
Maybe one of those new oscillating tools might work for this also. I have one made by Bosch that I use to under cut door jambs. It works really good and isn't very dangerous compared to a spinning blade.

Anthony Garrison, Good Luck

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Apr 30, 2021
Poor quality NEW
by: Anonymous

We installed this product in September in our bedroom. It looks worse than flooring that has been down for over 20 years. So disappointing.

Jun 08, 2019
Disappointed NEW
by: Anonymous

We purchased a beautiful Allen + Roth "handscraped lodge oak" laminate flooring from Lowes and installed in our newly constructed home in 2016.
We are EXTREMELY disappointed and even angry with the results. This product has ZERO tolerance for moisture in ANY quantity. It is puckering at joints and lifting at ends of planks....not due to installation (I have successfully installed 1400 sq ft of laminate prior to this project). In areas of normal traffic, with no fluid spills, in 2 person home, we have at least 10
Incidents of lifting and surface swelling. Our previous home suffered a 2" flood in the kitchen that evidenced only slight puckering at seams of the laminate.
We strongly advise against Allen-Roth
laminate flooring.

Aug 13, 2017
Terrible Product NEW
by: CAB

I purchased the allen roth swiftlock laminate flooring for the first floor of my condo. I made sure to install it exactly as the instructions suggest. I left a gap at walls, used all recommended tools, was careful to inspect every piece. Just a few days after having the floor down, the end joints started buckling up and some end joints began to separate. After just one month of having the floors down, nearly every end joint is puckering or curling up and some are delaminating. This is a terrible product and I regret buying it. I'll probably have to tear all up soon and replace it. Don't buy this product!

Jun 05, 2016
by: Anonymous

The directions clearly states to not install counter tops on top of Laminate flooring. You first install the counters, then install the laminate flooring.

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