Bad Allen Roth Purchase

by Ivy
(Kalamazoo mi)

I installed the Allen and Roth laminate flooring, it's been about 4 or 5 moths and now it is coming apart, I have had to pound the $&#% back over several times, wish I would have never bought this $&#%.... it is not worth a damn......finally put some screws in the ends to keep it from shifting....

Sorry to here about your problems with Allen Roth laminate flooring. I have heard good and bad about Allen and Roth. It would help to know what Allen Roth laminate is that you purchased. I just finished watching some Allen Roth with Swiftlock technology being installed, and it looks like a good product. It was 10mm thick with the 2mm attached padding. The plank size is 5 inch wide by 4 foot long. Also has a AC4 rating. Based on the locking system I don't think this particular laminate will separate. Their price on line is 1.79 per square foot as of 8-2015

I can't figure out what Lowe's is doing with their laminate but they should get someone in there that knows what they are doing, we as consumers need consistency when purchasing products. Right?

Anthony Garrison

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