Alsa Laminate flooring Review

My Alsa laminate flooring review. Alsa laminate flooring is manufactured by Alsapan SA a manufacturer in France. Unfortunately I have installed a lot of this particular flooring. Not that I wanted to, the retailer I contracted to install for took his time in dropping this line. This flooring always took longer to install because of multiple problems.

The Alsa products I installed were the basic 7 & 8 mm boards. I never installed any of their higher priced products, although I did install one of their colored boards (green). Alsa had a line with colors such as yellow, blue, black and a couple other colors.

Alsa green laminate flooring

The boards did tap together laying flat, but the joints always humped up. There was a lot of loose debris I wouldn't see until I tapped the boards together, then I would notice the corner bent up.

The joints were very obvious when I looked at it with the light shinning over the floor.

The core was not too strong I could break the locking system on the big side if I put too much pressure on it.

The machining was not exact, the end joints would not be square all the time. This was hit or miss, I would run across boards unexpectedly from time to time.

Another big headache this flooring caused me, the end joints would separate over time.

I must have gone back to at least 6 to 8 different jobs where this happened, I put glue in the separated joints and kick them back together. I did not like this laminate flooring!

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