Allen Roth, Disaster

by mike
(Nashville tn)

Currently in process installing the Allan and Roth handscraped chestnut. Looks beautiful...but installation is awful. There Swiftlock planks are a joke.they don't snap in place you have to tap or stomp on the blank. The durability factor for a AC4 rating obviously seems to be a subpar rating. The planks chip easy and scratches seem be noticeable. I dropped my hammer about 2ft high and now I have a nice scrape and discoloration now. I would not recommend this brand.

Thank you for your input on this product Mike. Hearing from other consumers can help people make choices. If possible can you provide the exact product description? This way other folks can steer clear of it. Just use the comment box on your article. You can even upload photos.

Unfortunately most consumers do not have the option to know ahead of time what they are getting when purchasing laminate flooring.
When I installed the Allen Roth laminate, the locking system was not Swiftlock. I have installed the Swiftlock brand and had a heck of a time trying to learn their locking system. The main problem was having to tilt every plank to lock it in place, especially under door jambs.

Another problem that can occur during manufacturing, is when the edges of the laminate are being cut (machined). If the cutters are off by just a fraction it can make all the difference when installing it.

And the AC rating may or may not be accurate as I have seen over the years.

Another thing I have noticed is that, the manufacturers keep changing the products a lot. Who makes what can be a mystery. Where its made, what locking system, putting two names on boxes (Swiftlock and Allen Roth)sold only at Lowes. It can be very confusing. Research is your best bet if your willing to spend the time.

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May 11, 2015
Don't buy
by: Anonymous

We bought Allen & Roth, it wont lock and lay down right. Taking it back and getting something else.

Mar 31, 2015
Allen Roth Poor Quality
by: Karen

We recently installed Allen Roth Laminate flooring in most of our house. Soon as it was installed flooring was chiped, it scratched very easy. It has been down less then 6 months and we have several places that need repair. We previously had some laminate by a different brand and it held up great! But after Allen Roth flooring I will never have laminate again. It is not easy to clean and scratches with slightest move of couch.(Couch has felt tips on bottom)

Mar 29, 2015
Steer Clear waste of time
by: Darin

Purchased enough for 800 square feet. Was excited to start the project. Quickly while sorting through the boxes starting noticing top surface spots as if it was coated. Several edges even though in box with no damage were broken. After sorting through several boxes to find good boards then carefully assembled the boards finding that in some cases it went great but others had to fight. When completing several rows found the joints would sometimes pull out enough to see non treated wood. Found some faces were slightly wider then others causing it to be difficult to align next row. Started checking reviews and found out I was one of many. Took all flooring back. Bad quality control.

Mar 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

My installers had easy install but later in traffic area is separating at joint. Tried e everything .have them back again

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