Allen and Roth Went Bad

by Sal and Linda

Allen + Roth is the worst product on the market!

They claim 100% lifetime guarantee and at the same time put a disclaimer on their product guarantee that covers every possible event that can happen to a floor.
In our case ! the laminate is peeling and the seams are swelling the answer I received was in part moisture in the air, moisture on the floor, wrong products used to clean, mold , improper install, poor or bad sub floor, and the list goes on.

Hi Sal and Linda
When I installed the Allen and Roth laminate flooring, it all went well and was a nice
looking floor. After receiving many negative comments from folks I think that this isn't such
a great floor after all.

I never heard from my client complaining about
the Allen and Roth flooring.

I have not installed a lot of it so if the number of negative reports keep coming in I would stay clear of this product.

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Mar 26, 2018
I hate allen and roth flooring!!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Wow what a rip off! Lifetime warranty mmm ya right... I have the toasted chesnut and absolutely hate it! It's lost its Shine and shows every footprint!!!! Getting ready to take it out and go with vinyl planks! Save yourself the headache and don't purchase allen and roth... does it scratch absolutely! Terrible product at a fairly high price...

Jan 23, 2018
by: Anonymous

I have had 3 flooring "inspectors" come to my home to tell me that its a cleaning issue when i have cleaned the floors the only way they have asked me to. HORRIBLE PRODUCT AND A HORRIBLE COMPANY. Also not a big fan of Lowes because they don't care they will not do anything until the manufacturer says there is a problem.

Jun 22, 2017
Same problem NEW
by: Anonymous

After just 15 hours of installing this a section of it in the middle of the floor started swelling at the seams. Called Lowes to tell them and they sent a "professional " installer out to evaluate what happened. He told me that the sub floor has 14-16% moisture in it and at most should be 12%. The sub floor is 40 years old original hardwood flooring with underpayment board that we bought from Lowrs specifically for laminate flooring. There is no way that much moisture is in that floor ( we have our central air running nonstop) and even if there was it should take a couple of years for that much warping- not 15 hours. They tried to blame it on other factors as well- how it was installed , moisture in air, how long we let them sit before we installed them to give them enough time to acclimate to the climate in our house. This so called "professional " installer they sent out looked to be about 18-20 years old and was wearing a Lowes tshirts. I called my own professional installer to get a second opinion and he told me that nothing the first one said makes sense- that much warping had to be a result of a bad batch in order to happen that quickly. Bought this product because of the so called warranty but yet cannot get Lowes or Allen and Roth to honor it. Will never buy from either ever again.

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