Toklo 8MM Laminate Review, Weathered Oak

This is my Toklo 8mm laminate review, which I'm glad to write, Mainly because it was an easy laminate flooring to install.

This color I installed has a rustic look to it (Weathered Oak). The AC3 rating makes it a durable surface. It has a 25 year residential warranty as well as a 5 year light commercial warranty.

It is easy to install because of the Drop and Lock locking system. Once you get started in a room, you don't really need a tapping block or pull bar to connect the planks. And even when I was installing the laminate under a door frame I could still tap the planks together while they were laying flat side by side.

My client purchased this flooring online and paid 1.55 per square foot, this was the total cost with shipping. He bought it online from For an 8mm laminate this is a good choice. I would recommend this laminate to my readers.

I was in Home Depot the other day and saw some of the cheap stuff from .79 to 1.09 a foot. It may cost less but its not worth it. Its better to pay a little more and get something you know will be worth it.

There are other low cost laminate flooring's on the market, but this particular one is very easy to install if you are doing it yourself.  I do need to remind you that clicking the planks together is the easy part. You still need to know that cutting door jambs, installing transitions and preparation are just some of the other aspects of installing laminate flooring.

So if your not quite sure how to do these other things you might want to hire an installer. Or read other pages here on my site to learn more.

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