Shaw Laminate Review

This is my Shaw laminate review based on me installing about 500 ft in a home. The color is gray, as aged wood on the side of an old barn. The surface also has a hand hewn appearance which gives it the look of real hardwood flooring.

I was very surprised when I started installing this laminate. Mainly because I never really liked the locking system on Shaw products, this particular Shaw product went together so easy without having to use a tapping block or hammer. Shaw calls this locking system Loc & Place.

Their locking system requires the planks to be tilted up at an angle in order to lock them together. Its easy to connect the planks as long as your in a wide open space. With this locking system, it gets more difficult when installing under door jambs.

Shaw Gray laminate flooring installed in dining room Shaw Gray laminate flooring, installing T-molds at entry tile

The reason for this is because you can't lay the planks flat on the floor side by side and tap them together with a tapping block. When installing under a door jamb you have to slide the plank under the jamb and then pull it back to connect to the adjoining plank.

The way to do this is to shave off the ridge on one plank and use some wood glue to glue the planks together, since the locking system is shaved off. After pulling the planks together with a pullbar wipe any excess glue off and then tape them together with blue painters tape until the glue dries.

Shaw laminate flooring closue up photo

I talk about locking systems mainly for the do it yourselfers. It can make a big difference for someone who is trying to install their own laminate floors and finds out that it isn't as easy as they thought.

This laminate is 12mm thick with a 2mm attached padding. The planks are 4 15/16 inch wide (a little under 5 inches) and about 4 feet long. All four edges have a slight beveled edge. It has a 25 year warranty and a AC 3 wear rating, AC 5 is the most durable.

As of the time I wrote this Shaw laminate review, November 2012. I can't find this product anywhere on the internet. I installed this laminate for a local dealer in my area. They got it through a distibutor which puts their own name on it. It is most likely a new product that is not sold to too many dealers yet. If you live in my area and are interested in this product I can tell you where to locate it.

Shaw Gray laminate flooring, installed in living room
Shaw Gray laminate flooring, installed in living room and around tile entry.
Shaw Gray laminate flooring, shows hand hewn texture

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