Quick Step Rustique Review

I wrote this Quick Step Rustique review after I installed over 700 square feet in a mobile home. As a professional laminate installer I want my readers to know the good and the bad when shopping for laminate flooring.

I installed it in the dining room, living room, down the hallway into two bedrooms. The color shown in these photos is Saffron Hickory. Rustique is made in 7 colors at the time I installed it, in Oct. 2012.

The other 6 colors are:

  • Amber Hickory
  • Cognac Hickory
  • Toasted Hickory

New Colors

  • Bleached Rustic Oak
  • Aged Brandy Oak
  • Aged Carob Oak

First I have to say Quick Step is one of the best laminate floors on the market these days. And with the Uniclic locking system, its one of the easiest to install. Especially for a do it yourself project.

Quick Step calls the edges Genuedge, which is a beveled edge that is rolled over. The surface has a texture that follows the woodgrain. This product is made in 47 1/4 X 4 7/8 sized planks. The thickness is 8mm.

It has a AC3 rating which makes it a durable surface, AC5 is the most durable.

It has a lifetime residential and a 5 year commercial warranty. Any laminate that carries any commercial warranty has to be tough for your home.