Pergo Elegant Expressions Review

This is my Pergo Elegant Expressions review based on me installing about 500 square feet in a mobile home. The color I installed here is Yorkshire Chestnut. I am pleased with this laminate flooring. It has the Pergo locking system, which makes it easy to install.

This particular laminate is called narrow strip at 5 inch wide planks, with a beveled edge. The surface is rated AC3. AC5 is the most durable. I can tell while working with this laminate that the surface is really tough. This Pergo Elegant Expressions is 10mm thick with an attached 2mm padding. It also has a lifetime warranty.

It is a little pricey though at almost 3.00 a square foot online.

Pergo, Elegant Expressions Yorkshire Chestnut laminate flooring

I need to mention here that I installed this same Pergo Elegant Expressions in their living room and dining room about 4 years ago, and it looks as new as the day I installed it. So now I'm installing it in the two bedrooms and office.

I'm impressed at how the new flooring looks exactly the same as the older flooring I installed. I am kind of surprised that they even make the same product after all this time. Most manufacturers don't keep making the same product year after year.

Pergo, Using a string to line up joints on laminate flooring

I did take the time to line up the planks at the doorways. It looks a lot better than not doing this.

The way I did this is fairly simple. I used a string in the room that I installed in the past. I lined up the string on the joint for about 15 feet, then I extend it into the room I am going to install in.

Laminate flooring too tight against walls

I make a mark at the far end of the room. This tells me where I want the joint to be.

After making the mark I install to the wall. Then I can install into the rest of the room. I keep an eye on the joint to make sure it stays straight.

This Pergo Elegant Expressions review is written based on the installation done in 2012.

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