Lamton Santa Maria Narrow Board Review

Here is my Lamton Santa Maria narrow board review. This laminate flooring is very impressive, the surface is very strong and hard to scratch, even when trying to intentionally scratch it with a sharp screw. I recently installed this laminate in a home and was also impressed with the ease of installation.

This laminate is 12mm thick with an attached 2mm uderlayment on the back, 5 inches wide by 47 7/8 inches in length. The surface is textured and resembles real hardwood flooring. It carries a 25 year warranty and can also be used for light commercial traffic.

I installed Lamton Santa Maria laminate flooring in this room
This is the before photo before I will install Lamton Santa Maria 12mm laminate flooring.

Before and after photos

The cost of Lamton Santa Maria is 1.74 a square foot, with freight it came to 2.32 a square foot. This is a good price for a product of this quality when you consider that underlayment alone can cost from .25 to .60 cents a square foot. Not to mention in most cases you will not have any sales tax either when purchased online. 

 Lamton Santa Maria 12mm laminate flooring with drop lock locking system.
Lamton Santa Maria 12mm laminate flooring drop lock locking system.

The locking system is is what I call the drop and lock system. To install each plank is all you have to do is tilt the board and lock the long edge of the plank and then push the plank down and the end joint lays in place and locks.

Would I Put This in My Home?

Yes, Yes I would put this in My home. This Lamton Santa Maria is a laminate I like. It looks like real wood and I like the texture. The price can't be beat and installation is easy. The beveled edge gives it a realistic look also.


Lamton Santa Maria 12mm laminate flooring, wood texture surface.
This is three rows installed of Lamton Santa Maria 12mm laminate flooring.

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