Lamton American Cherry 12mm Review

Here is my Lamton American Cherry 12mm review. This laminate flooring has an additional 2mm attached padding also. All four edges were beveled.

I installed about 1100 square feet of this laminate in a mobile home. Every room was done, even the bathrooms and kitchen.

Lamton American Cherry laminate flooring, close up photo

My clients ordered this laminate online. The sales price was 1.79 per square foot. With the delivery fee the end price delivered to their home was 2.24 per square foot.

The locking system on this laminate is the drop and lock. This type used for locking the planks together means, that you tilt the plank up to lock the long side on and line up the end joint over the other end joint and push the plank down on top which locks the end. 

I have to admit this flooring had a couple of issues that I had to deal with, but once I figured out how to get it done it ended up being a very nice and durable floor.

The first issue I had was the padding on the back. It wasn't trimmed exactly where it should have. It over lapped on some of the planks. It was an easy fix though. I just cut it off with my utility knife, about 1/2 inch.

I had to check the planks before I installed it. This isn't something that would happen every time this laminate is made. It probably happened on a shift at the factory and someone wasn't paying attention.

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