FAQ Laminate Installer Cost?

FAQ Laminate Installer Cost? Most all of us want to know what to pay for services we need done.

Laminate flooring installation cost is based on a set price per square foot.

From what I have observed over the years, prices can vary a lot. Of coarse your location can have an effect on this cost. There are other factors that can affect the cost also. As of this year 2010 With the economic situation we're in in the US, a lot of installers have cut their prices just to get some work.

I have observed prices advertised on Craigs List for as low as 1.00 per foot for installation of laminate flooring. But you need to remember YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, so be careful.

Typically the price installers charge are from 1.50 to 2.50 per foot to install your laminate flooring. Now as far as installing quarter round or base board this will be extra. In some parts of the country you may be charged for removal of your old carpet. Other charges may include, installation of transitions, finishing carpet off at transitions and painting quarter round or base board. Floor prep can add to the installation cost also. Floor prep can involve leveling off dips in the floor or eliminating humps, on concrete or a wood sub floor. Most often installers will charge by the hour for floor prep.

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