Beveled Edge Laminate

Bevel laminate flooring is uniquely milled, giving your floor a unique and distinctive look. This style of laminate flooring offers the flexibility to fit into many different room designs. The clean lines and various colors of bevel laminate flooring present a sense of refinement that will bring life to any room. This makes it easy to mistake them for real wood floors. And the glueless locking system featured with bevel laminate flooring choices through BuildDirect make installation fast and easy too.

For the look of wood that does not fade and easy-to-clean beautiful floors, bevel laminate flooring is the right choice for you. Come see our bevel laminate flooring options and find the perfect bevel laminate flooring for your home today. And get the best at the best pricing through BuildDirect.

Lamton, Santa Maria 12 mm laminate flooring with beveled edge

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